ARTWORK FOR THE BLIND Release Crushing New Single

Fusing death metal, thrash and sludge into a sound they describe as ‘Death n Roll’, ARTWORK FOR THE BLIND is a powerhouse of extreme metal. Based out of Louisville, Ky the outfit formed in February of 2012 and have been likened to bands such as ACID BATH, SIX FEET UNDER, and ENTOMBED.

“Here we bestow a tale of a dystopian time. Where the only thing left to eat is the rich and elite. Welcome to The First Supper.”

The new single “The First Supper” lands ahead of their up-coming double LP due for release in 2022, offering a tantalizing morsel of what is to come. Delivering sludgy distorted guitars and pounding percussion, “The First Supper” descends into the depths. High pitched shrieks are contrasted with demonic low growls creating an extremely infernal sound. The atmosphere of the single is fully immersive; it drags the listener down into their haunting abyss.

Partake in this grisly feast with ARTWORK FOR THE BLIND and join them on the journey to their new release. “The First Supper” is certain to leave a dark and foul taste in your mouth that will leave you coming back for more.


Sean Coy Curry (vocals)
Sol. E. Williams (guitars)
Michael Hoehn (bass)
Larry Myers (drums)


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