SWARN released their new EP „Abysmal Hallucinations”

The ritualistic death metal act Swarn from Tartu, Estonia announces the birth of their new EP „Abysmal Hallucinations”. The release is noteworthy for containing only one 20-minute song that rushes through the dark vaults of the human psyche both with furiously fast and sadistically slow riffs. The EP also marks a change in the sound of the band – while Swarn have previously been known for blackened crust death metal they have now fused harsh malignancy of black metal with the depressing weight of doom in their upcoming release.

Swarn characterise their creation as a dual delirium, the lunatic travels of the instrumentalist/composer Fen and vocalist 1695 through the spiritual wasteland. It is a reminder why the beings with limited strength and experience should never jump into the esoteric unknown that can effortlessly crush them. Spiritual journeys are not for everyone – especially for human beings. 

The EP „Abysmal Hallucinations” is released through Warhorn Records on cassette and digitally on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 2021. There will be a limited edition of 30 lyric sheets which were printed on both sides with a manual press. Therefore, each single one of the lyric sheets will be a unique item for collectors. For more pictures feel free to check on bandcamp and the social media accounts. 

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