PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND – album stream unveiled

Immersive, emotional and crushing are the fitting adjectives to describe PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND‘s fourth album, “Rien ne suffit“. Today, Debemur Morti Productions unveil this slab of French extreme Metal in its entirety.

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND‘s new album is a conceptual unit, a work of Art in which all elements and individual songs belong together. “Rien ne suffit” must be understood as an aural movie and it was composed like a screenplay. The band elaborates about the story behind their latest album:

Rien ne suffit” means “nothing is enough”. The plot deals with the consequences human nature has on the cyclicity of evolution and the impossibility of real progress in certain domains. Wanting to evolve, to do better, thinking we do for a while, ending up realizing you are almost back at the starting point, ready for another cycle of ‘trying’. This can describe both an episode of life for one person and for a society on a greater scale. Each song on the album has its own flavour and can be appreciated separately as an individual piece of music. However, even a ‘casual’ movie enthusiast is used to focus on the whole movie, to try to understand what is happening, to feel empathy, and to not skipping scenes, why should that not work for an album?

Rien ne suffit” will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally on November 19th. Pre-orders are possible from now on via the label’s EUUS, and Bandcamp shops.

Formed in Toulouse, France in 2005, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND create dissonant and emotional Extreme Metal.

The band’s most recent albums “Lowgazers” (2014) and “False Highs, True Lows” (2016) received considerable praise from underground and mainstream media alike, highlighting their crushing and highly innovative style. Rewarded for their uncompromising dedication to crossing musical borders, artist/curator James Kent (PERTUBATOR) invited PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND to perform at Roadburn festival 2020. To date, the band has played over 200 shows and festivals across the USA, Russia, India, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and France, including Hellfest.

In 2021, PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND signed a deal with Debemur Morti Productions who will unleash fourth album “Rien ne suffit” in November, in which the band create constant tightrope-walk tension as they blur the edges of avantgarde Black Metal, chaotic Hardcore, blown-out Jazz, corrosive Noise, experimental Electronica and death Industrial into an ultra-contemporary form of ‘post-Metal’ in the truest application of the term. “Rien ne suffit” is the soundtrack to a world in turmoil.

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