Bloody Finnish DEATH! ADVENT OF FIRE unleash their debut album “Verikaste” upon the World!

Hailing from Finland’s Ostrobothnia region, Advent of Fire have unleashed their debut album upon the world. “Verikaste” (translated Blood-Baptism) is a 42 minute summary of violent Finnish history dealing with war time cannibalism, devouring of children and the finnish national sport of suicide, all based on some sort of real-life counterpart. The musical side is a combination of traditional death metal themes to a more melodic sound, bringing the death back to melodic death metal. Elements of black, thrash and doom metal are also present, and to simplify their style, the band calls their death metal “Botnia Death Metal”, after the region they are based from. Verikaste lays the foundation to what Advent of Fire‘s music is to be, unrelenting, unforgiving finnish death metal, bringing you the fucked up crimes, stories and history of Finland right into your home.

We highly recommend to check out the track “Koston Päivä” which is the longest on the album!

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Advent of Fire are:
Iisakki Anttila – Vocals
Miika Rajala – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Lauri Rätti – Drums
Tuomo Tuppi – Guitar
Juho Tarkkanen – Bass

Recording: Teemu Koski
Mixing: Santeri Pilli
Mastering: Tomi Tähtinen
Artwork: Braininjected Art

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