CADAVERIC FUMES – Echoing Chambers of Soul

Another underground gem has come out from the abyss in the form of Cadaveric Fumes’ debut LP. The French void-worshippers have already shown what kind of abomination they can summon on their EPs and splits. Descending from the depths of old-school and primitive death metal, they travel further down to the realm of a more progressive and psychedelic dark sounds. Echoing Chambers Of Soul takes you on a sonic journey that will disintegrate your mind. In the gloom you’ll find a meditative, tripping death metal with primordial stylistic elements.

Nerve-ripping mid-tempo themes with strange melodies will desecrate your deranged mental condition.

During the 8-minute closing track (Voidgazers) you will just wonder how you got caught up in this dark vortex.

FFO: Venenum, Blood Incantation, Morbid Angel

Tracklisting for Cadaveric Fumes’ Echoing Chambers of Soul
1. Exordium
2. The Stirring Unknown
3. A Desolate Breed
4. Waters of Absu
5. The Engulfed Sepulcher
6. In Cold Astral Sleep
7. Voidgazers

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