VARIUS’ Presents Reflective Stories Of Battle Through New Video “Golden Crown”

New EP “Concordance” Out Now!

L-R: Joel Tassillo (Bass) / Joey Scaringi (Vocals) / Vladimir Prokhorov (Drums) / Patrick Forlin (Guitar)
Photo Credit: Britney Goertz

Varius has recently released their heaviest record to date and one they describe as their most diverse and collaborative. Each of the four songs was written by a different band member allowing individual influences and styles to shine through. This method of writing allowed each person to play producer for their own track, bringing in ideas from the rest of the band to really bring their visions to life. “Golden Crown” is the first track on the EP and the longest, it touches on themes of battle, loyalty, and brotherhood. Varius explains further:

“This song represents something completely different as far as what our audience would expect of us. It is the EP’s most straightforward track and is a mid-tempo wall of sound. It has a more classic-metal kind of sound, but with almost Amon Amarth-style vocals. The calmer intro gives way to a massive chord-based riff, and the song progresses into an epic guitar solo and dynamic build through the outro. Lyrically, the song touches on themes of battle, loyalty, and brotherhood. The lyrics were influenced by the concept of ancient warriors who lived and died by the sword and battled for their brothers in arms rather than glory and wealth.”

Although fans will likely notice the prominent thrash and death metal elements that are the core of Varius’ sound, they want to emphasize that their influences are a lot more diverse than just those styles. Throughout the EP they play around with many styles as well as lyrical themes like fantasy, science fiction, and horror while reflecting real-life issues through them.

The progressive and melodic death metal that Varius creates is suggested for fans of Children of Bodom, Dethklok and Death.

Watch and listen to “Golden Crown” via TheCirclePit –

“Concordance” is available on digital music platforms at

Track Listing:
1. Golden Crown (6:03)
2. Concordance of the Legionfall (4:59)
3. Lament of Dissonance (4:43)
4. Gut Shoveler (5:28)
Digital EP Length: 21:14
Note: Physical CD copies of Concordance will feature a bonus track (previously released digitally – 2019)
5. P.I.S.S. (3:22) (CD Bonus Track)
EP Length (CD version): 24:40

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