CMPT set release date for OSMOSE debut album – features members of ALL MY SINS+++

Osmose Productions announces December 21st as the international release date for CMPT‘s highly anticipated debut album, Krv i pepeo, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Down the southern part of the Danube basin, in a land historically known as the Balkans, for centuries, the local population has cultivated a specific relation towards certain periods of daytime. With the basis on which all tribal activities were organized, one such period was an exception to all others and concerned the movement at particular times of the night. The locals call this period “Gluvo doba” (English: “Deaf Age”), and in the old beliefs, it is also known as “Demon Hour.”

“Deaf Age” refers to the darkest moment in the night, the time when unclean spirits and the forces of the underworld take over the world while nature sinks into silence. It is commonly believed to start somewhere around midnight and last until the first morning sounds. At that time, the barrier to the beyond is the weakest, so witches and demons are easily connected through haunted practices.

Krv i pepeo (English: “Blood and ash”) directly refers to this ritualistic bond and, at the same time, incidentally represents two symbols that have historically marked the entire Balkan continuum. Uncovering the layers of the profane, Krv i pepeo is a conceptual record composed as a ritual piece of dark Balkan sorcery, and it is a spiritual offering to the ancient cult of the dead!

First track premiere to be revealed on November 29th. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for CMPT’s Krv i pepeo

1. Seme ponoci
2. Krv i pepeo
3. Prokletije
4. Vrani pir
5. Srce od trnja
6. Memla
7. Mesecev zub
8. Na vecernjem lahoru


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