HAALBUAER set release date for CALIGARI debut mini-album – streaming in full now

Caligari Records announces December 17th as the international release date for Haalbuaer‘s striking debut mini-album, Mortal Ones Scream in Horror, on CD format.

Frighteningly young, Haalbuaer are a brand-new formation from Molde, Norway whose sound positively screams 1990 in every way. Despite their age, Haalbuaer are the real fucking deal, as displayed by their quick-hitting mini-debut, Mortal Ones Scream in Horror. Here, you’ve got 21 minutes of death-like blaspheming carnage, hooking your face with cold-steel chains to torment you for an eternity. It’s deceptively simple and fondly familiar – think earliest Impetigo, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and Suffocation – but it’s exceedingly sublime, the power-trio wrangling and wrenching every last bit of blood and gore from their creations, which ably balance blasting, galloping, and dooming alike. With mini-hits like “Acts of Morbid Perversion,” “Inhale the Nauseating Fumes,” and “Gorespawn,” Haalbuaer leave you with no room to breathe fresh air – only the foulest and most sickening stench!

Fully breathe that foulest and most sickening stench by streaming Mortal Ones Scream in Horror in its entirety HERE at Caligari‘s Bandcamp, where the mini-album an also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Haalbuaer’s Mortal Ones Scream in Horror
1. Cemetery Possession
2. Acts of Morbid Perversion
3. Haemophiliak
4. Inhale the Nauseating Fumes
5. Gorespawn
6. Caverns of the Deceased
7. Bliss in Torment
8. Pungent Ecstasy

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