Soon, the polish label Szataniec will release debut album called Ancestral Rituals of death metal band FORBIDDEN OMEN!

Band photo: Łukasz Lisiecki

Forbidden Omen (slavic death metal) is a young band on the Polish metal scene, which was established at the end of 2016 in Krakow. They are a semi-finalist of the Emergenza Festival, which, after reactivation in 2019, played with Kat & Roman Kostrzewski and took part in the Bratnia Krew tour under the leadership of the folk metal band Velesar

Forbidden Omen in cooperation with the increasingly dynamic label Szataniec will release their debut album called Ancestral Rituals. The premiere is scheduled for November 25, 2021. The material will be released in digital format on the most popular streaming platforms and as a CD digipak.
Pre-orders can be ordered in the Szataniec online store

The material for the album was recorded at IP studio and Graveyard studio.

Mix and mastering by Dominik Wawak (DMB Studio, Bielsko-Biała)
The cover was created by DK13 Design.

FFO: Amon AmarthEinherjerBe’lakor.

Band unveiled teaser containing excerpts from the entire album which you can watch on Youtube ➡

1. The Call (Intro)
2. Slavic Blood
3. Ashen Kong
4. Svarog
5. Veles
6. Hail The God of War
7. Fractured Sky Ritual
8. Bonus Track


Piotr Stachowicz – vocal
Krzysztof Leja – lead guitar
Ali Alp Hazer – drums
Jarosław Kopka – rhytm guitar
Szymon Iwulski – bass

Forbidden Omen in the Internet:


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Polish label Szataniec released debut album called Ancestral Rituals of death metal band FORBIDDEN OMEN!


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