Atlantic Canada Grindcore BONE TOWER Unleash Explosive Video “Under A Veil”

“We All Will Die One Day” Out Now! via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records

L-R – Bone Tower – Sean Carroll (guitars, bass), Jonas DeViller (electronics, vocals), Michael Bowers (guitars, bass, vocals)
Photo Credit: Hayley Frail

Assaulting the masses with their debut EP “We All Will Die One Day” recently unleashed on November 5th, Halifax, Canada’s Bone Tower is sharing their latest music video for their track “Under A Veil”, which can be seen and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE“This song is pissed. There is more than one meaning, but it’s really written about the perception that you are always in the wrong, that who you are is a made-up persona, you aren’t good enough, and you should be exiled from everything positive in your life. This feeling couldn’t be further from the truth, and it is simply anxiety creeping in to say hello; A flurry of notes and blast beats being thrown at you really like to drive that idea deep into your head, though. Cower away under a veil of delusion.” adds the band. 

Filthy grindcore from Atlantic Canada, Bone Tower formed earlier this year with a defined vision – to deliver an abusive and abrasive offering that would be the soundtrack for the madness that has ensued on a global level over the past year and a half during Covid times.

The trio of Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar/bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar/bass/vocals) are seasoned extreme musicians and were able to quickly write and produce their debut recordin two weeks. Coming together very swiftly and organically, the band’s comments on the EP’s explosive earworm tendencies.

“Both sonically and lyrically, ‘We All Will Die One Day’ represents a collective status of disarray. Challenging speed and complex rhythms serve to accelerate unfavourable emotions to the forefront of your mind. A raw and unfiltered by-product of mental health in disarray and unfocused aggression, with no real direction on how to cope in a post-pandemic landscape. Basically, a big ‘f* you’ to the world we live in. While presented in an ugly package, these songs are a cathartic release with the intent of extinguishing deep feelings of depression and anger.”

With a ferocity influenced mostly by death metal, grindcore, and hardcore, Bone Tower is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Atka, and Trap Them.

“We All Will Die One Day” is available digitally and on cassette via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records at the following links:,, Spotify and Apple Music here

Lyric Video “Mangled Wounds” –

Track Listing:
1. Dislodging Splinters (01:13)
2. Am I Conscious (01:16)
3. Mangled Wounds (01:15)
4. Cower Away (0:38)
5. Under A Veil (01:06)
6. Empty Cave (01:59)
7. The Sun (0:48)
8. We All Will Die One Day (0:50)
EP Length (9:09)

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