HERUKA – a preview track of “Dust from the Deception Sun”

As the release date approaches, Heruka reveals one of the tracks appearing in “Dust from The Deception Sun – A Live Selection from Three Years of Black Metal ”: the chosen track is “The Eleventh Rule”, also appearing on the latest band’s full length.

Heruka – The Eleventh Rule (live at Boiler Studio, Rome)

The Italian Melodic Black Metal band celebrates its latest activity years with a DVD/blu-ray release featuring a selection of tracks from their most recent albums, recorded during an intense studio session at Boiler Studio (Rome, Italy) this summer.

Tracklist as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Turning to Dust
  3. Amsarctra: Nekrom’s Rescue
  4. No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows
  5. Feerduim: The Premonition
  6. Near the Worms, Far from the Light
  7. Chailosis: The Revelation
  8. Twisted into Form
  9. Zoryas: Emhos’ Army
  10. Spleen
  11. Bethuria: The Three Entities
  12. The Eleventh Rule
  13. The United States of Insanity
  14. Two Heads, One Brain
  15. Coisomo: Deception’s End
  16. Let No One Be Saved
  17. Time Collapse
  18. White Coats Don’t Understand
  19. Unreal Consciousness (outro)

Once again, Rude Awakening Records will take care of the release that will be limited to 50 DVD copies and 50 blu-ray copies worldwide and will be available on 20th November 2021. By the release date, there will be also an audio-only version available on the main streaming and download providers, featuring the complete tracklist. “Dust from the Deception Sun” marks the beginning of a new course for the band, and more news about it will be revealed soon.

Heruka is:

Adranor – guitar
Nekrom – vocals
Nemuri Shi – drums
Moha – bass





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