South African solo black metal – VLEESANKER debut EP Verspeelde Tyd – Out 12-16-21

VleesAnker (lit. ‘FleshAnchor’) is the initial embodiment of an ongoing alchemical process – the transmutation of the human soul from earth, to air, to ether.

Time is the litmus test against which this becoming is measured. Felt time exists only as a product of the subjective mechanisms which keep watch over it—the clock speed of grey matter, the hysterical metronome of doing-as-being, the external spectacle of ersatz meaning.

Transcendence of the lower self necessarily involves the cessation of perceived time. Only by firing outside of time can the higher self be realized—the slippage of time in the flow state of the alchemist in his Great Work, the suspension of time in glimpses of rapture, the subjective end of time in organic death.

Though the connotation of ‘Verspeelde Tyd‘ is wasted time, the literal translation is played-with time. There are processes by which we bend the arc of time to meet the observer behind our eyelids. For these processes to be intentional and persistent, a transfiguration of being must first be undertaken. In the absence of this transfiguration, being lies prostrated before the countless chronophages that gnaw at the edges of conscious experience. Verspeelde Tyd consists of four movements, each of which investigates an aspect of abuse of the subject’s time allotment.

May these four movements be a reprisal, however fleeting, against the trappings of the lower self.

Only by conquering ourselves can we transcend the illusion of time and become what we are. 

Releases on Bandcamp and most other places December 16, 2021

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