Swedish/German death metal band ABSCESSION premiere new track via No Clean Singing

Abscession‘s music is being widely talked about and it’s easy to see why. They’re playing old school death metal to perfection, balancing the sound with the right amount of HM-2 heaviness and classic, Swedish-style melodies. More importantly, they riff really well. There are several tunes that will remain in your head for days really, as if they were worms. No Clean Singing premiered one such track AT THIS LINK

“The music is undeniably ferocious, but what makes it stand out from a lot of similarly inclined revivalist bands is the incorporation of evocative melodies, which really make the songs songs, each with its own character. And they really do irresistibly get stuck in the head.”


– “a complete album, solid and straight from the heart” – Dargedik Webzine (Peru)10/10

– “one of the best albums of 2021” – Metal Purgatory Media (Canada) 9.5/10

– “”Rot Of Ages” is a proverbial stunner” – My Revelations (Germany) 14/15

– “the best of the bunch” – Teeth Of The Divine (US)

– “an electrifying dose of ravaging Swedish death metal” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “full of feral riffs, murderous groove, and vile energy” – Moshpit Nation (US)

– “Rot of Ages is infectious pure death metal at its rawest intense form.” – Metal Roos (Germany) 4/5

– “constructing a huge citadel of nightmares for anyone daring themselves to enter” – Metal Epidemic (Czech Republic) 4/5

– “fuses crunchy riffs with alluring melodies” – Metal Bite (US)

– “Rot of Ages is infectious pure death metal at its rawest intense form.” – The Coroners Report (New Zealand) 8.5/10

– “Compositionally impressive Death Metal” – Musik Reviews (Germany) 12/15

– “Without a doubt, “Rot of Ages” achieves a special status” – Headbanger Reviews (US)

– “Killer, cold death metal from nightmares! Great!” – Deadly Storm Zine (Czech Republic)

– “incredibly impressive” – Grimmgent (Belgium) 8.4/10

– “one of the greater offerings of Swedish extreme metal” – The Razors Edge (UK)

– “Two thumbs up for these Swedes!” – Noob Heavy (Australia)

– “very multifaceted” – Time for Metal (Germany) 8.2/10

– “magnificent” – Nattskog (UK) 8/10

– “a prime example of the power of well constructed death metal” – Metal Temple (Greece) 8/10

– “the epitome of immaculately balanced old school Death Metal music” – The Dark Melody (Spain) 7.6/10

– “Excellent album” – Necromance (Spain)

– “fantastic” – Extreme Metal Maniac Blog (US)

Abscession (Sweden/Germany) – Rot of Ages (Death Metal)

Genre – Death Metal 
Release Date – November 19th, 2021
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Bloodbath, Lik, Edge of Sanity, Desultory, Rogga Johansson, Eye of Purgatory, Wombbath, Dismember, Carnage

Atavistic HM-2 driven Swedish style death metal is given a sense of refined German death metal structuring and tempered with shimmering melodies, making Abscession‘s new album ‘Rot of Ages’ the epitome of immaculately balanced old school death metal music. The music maintains a brisk and punchy crust/punk derived tempo throughout, deftly punctuating it with melodic passages and heart-stopping breakdowns, to make it an immensely engrossing and overall gratifying affair. The interplay between the faster, crunchier sections and the brilliant, emotive melodic streaks is exceptional, and also adds more depth to an otherwise raunchy and abrasive death metal album. Each song has its own identity, marked by highly memorable riffs that are diverse but retain character and sound. Even with a plethora of Swedish death metal sounding releases out there, ‘Rot of Ages’ manages to hold its own if only because of the strength of its songwriting and encapsulating the best this style of death metal music has to offer, while still sounding fresh and spirited. At once pulverizing and evocative, Abscession have released one of the finest death metal albums in the style this year.

Album line up –
Thomas Clifford (Blood of SerpentsThrone of Heresy) – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lyrics
Skaldir – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Markus Porsklev – Drums

Artwork by Adam Burke (Imperialist)

Track listing –

1. Rat King Crawl 
2. Theater of Pain 
3. Dead Man’s Hate 
4. Rains of Death 
5. Rot of Ages 
6. The Final Furnace 
7. When The Guillotine Falls 
8. War Machine 
9. Prometheus Unbound 
10. Eta Della Putrefazione 

Abscession Bandcamp

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