US tech death band THE LAST OF LUCY announce preorders for the new full length

Artwork by Par Olofsson (AbortedCutterred Flesh)

After garnering quite a following in the underground, US technical death metal band The Last of Lucy have evolved tremendously on their latest full length, streamlining their music and making it sound faster and more powerful than ever before. Two of the songs are streaming presently, including a lyric video that can be found AT THIS LINK

The Last of Lucy (US) – Moksha (Technical Death Metal)

Genre – Technical Death Metal 
Release Date – February 18th, 2022
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – Inferi, The Faceless, Archspire, The Zenith Passage, Godless Truth

The Last of Lucy have shed the skin of their previous releases to reveal a far more dangerous and lethal creature underneath. It represents the core of their sound, without any frills or slow passages, for on ‘Moksha’ they’ve taken on ferocious avatar to decimate from start to finish. It’s not a complete departure from their sound; they’ve only overhauled it, doing away with the unnecessary parts and bringing in ones that highly optimize their performance. Evidently, their music is faster, heavier and catchier than ever before. They’ve condensed the best elements into something absolutely potent and having devastating repercussions. The catchiness of the music belies its inherent technical nature, as the band spews some of the most vitriolic music with blinding fast speed. Like the grotesque yet fascinating creature on their Par Olofsson cover looking at its reflection, their music too represents something vile yet captivating, and also primal and atavistic. ‘Moksha’ is the most powerful album yet from this ambitious technical death metal band and it’s best to delve into its music fully prepared, embracing its acerbic extremity with all its complexities and grooves alike.

Line up –
Josh De La Sol – Vocals
Brandon Ian Millan – Drums
Gad Gidon – Lead Guitar & Bass
Christian Mansfield – Rhythm Guitar

Track listing –
1. Moksha 02:14
2. Agni 03:22
3. Aforethought 02:42
4. Ego Death 02:48
5. Ritual Of The Abraxas 04:04
6. Parasomnia 02:52
7. Temple Of Rati 03:02
8. Ganga’s Cenote 03:06
9. Covenant 02:55
10. The Demiurge 03:41

Official Lyric Video

Official Video Stream

The Last of Lucy Bandcamp

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