TOO LOUD Records is proud to present Italian HC/Metal act DAYSGONE

Italian Metal/Hardcore act DAYSGONE are proud to announce that they’ve signed with TOO LOUD Records to release their first debut EP “DaysGone” that will be released on all streaming services on November 25th, 2021.

Band Statement:
“We decided to sign with Too Loud because it is a dynamic and fresh reality.
Definitely a fundamental point of support for our first record release.
We are happy to undertake this path together with the whole Too Loud family.”


2019. Winter. It was not yet known what coronavirus was. 4 guys in a room, who had known each other for a relatively short time, linked only to be colleagues or former co-workers. 4 instruments, Omar’s guitar and Melo’s bass, Paul’s voice and Tugno’s drumsticks. Thus was born the alchemy of DaysGone, each linked to different sounds but (in) consciously mixed together. So not just Metal, not just Hardcore, not just trash, not just Punk, but an explosion of wickedness and arrogance that distinguishes us at the first listen.

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