SAVAGE DEITY stream new INHUMAN ASSAULT album at Death Metal Promotion

Thai death-cult Savage Deity stream the entirety of their highly anticipated third album, Decade of Savagery, at the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on November 28th via Inhuman Assault Productions, hear Savage Deity‘s Decade of Savagery in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Savage Deity was formed in 2010 by guitarist Ray Swasdiphan and vocalist/bassist Twish, with guitarist Saran and drummer Thinnarat both joining in 2013. Widely considered as one of the most old-school death metal bands in the genre and most important in Thailand’s overlooked-yet-thriving metal scene, Savage Deity‘s musical style is poised and pure: guttural but clearly enunciated vocals, catchy blastbeat sections, multiple tempo changes without losing sight of classic songwriting, dark and morbid atmospheres, and speed-shredding riffs and solos that harken to the earliest days of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, and many other ’90s Florida death metal masters. The band’s original lyrical themes focused mostly on anti-Christianity, savagery, and DEATH, with more anti-religious and barbaric themes coming in.

Following the quick-hitting Conjuration EP in 2019 via Inhuman Assault, now Savage Deity strike with their strongest recording to date: their third full-length, Decade of Savagery. Aptly titled, Decade of Savagery encapsulates all that’s made Savage Deity so awe-inspiring so far – swift ‘n’ succinct songwriting that never borders on the simplistic, pure energy flowing through their veins no matter the tempo being played, riffs and solos to literally DIE for, and an extremely authentic aura of early ’90s death metal, with a get in / get out / destroy mindset guiding this swift ‘n’ succinct attack – and pushes it to its limit. In fact, one would be forgiven for thinking they found here a time-machine to 1990. From the chilling cover art courtesy of Art of Sickness on down to the insanely era-accurate recording – produced by the band themselves, with mixing by Saran Rakthong and mastering by Dan Lowndes – and even a guest guitar solo on “Perish Mangda” by Jason Gobel (ex-Cynic, ex-Monstrosity), Decade of Savagery is a 41-minute firestorm of class and crush. Savage Deity succeeds because their aim is true: fucking DEATH METAL, no more but definitely no less!

In the leadup to its international release this weekend, hear Decade of Savagery in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found HERE at Inhuman Assault‘s Bandcamp. Aforementioned cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Savage Deity’s Decade of Savagery
1. Crucifather
2. Filthy Rotation
3. Obscure Fortune
4. Drenched in Blood
5. Christ Tension
6. Where God Belong
7. Kill This Cult
8. Skin the Saint
9. Perish Mangda (feat. Jason Gobel)
10. Beneath the Sanctum


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