REJEKTS – Italian blackened grindcore unit premieres new album “Adamo” at No Clean Singing

Italian blackened grindcore act REJEKTS is pleased to announce their upcoming new album “Adamo”, due out December 3rd 2021 via Slaughterhouse Records.

No Clean Singing is now hosting an official premiere of the album. Stream “Adamo” at THIS LOCATION!

Last week, REJEKTS premiered the single “Il Quinto Sole” at Toilet Ov Hell. Check it out HERE!

On “Adamo”REJEKTS transmit their impassioned messages of difficult trials and social awareness lyrically, conveying an overarching theme that reflects many of society’s heaviest burdens and injustices. The band is a politically charged, distributing sonically raw dispatches at break-neck speed, always staying true to the DIY spirit inherent in the underground niches of extreme metal and hardcore punk, which goes hand in hand with their unapologetic socio-critical direction.

Embracing grindcore, black metal and more, REJEKTS funnel multiple genres through their unique lens. Fans of Full Of Hell, The Secret and Implore will have plenty to immerse themselves in with “Adamo”.

The album was recorded and mixed by producer Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studios (CRIPPLE BASTARDS, INSANITY ALERT, EKPYROSIS) in Italy. The striking cover artwork is by Raffaele Salzillo.

Album tracklist:

01. Samsara
02. L’Astro Del Mattino
03. In Principio Era Tiamat
04. Divorati Dal Tempo
05. Tuo Crimine Divino Fu La Gentilezza
06. Come La Tempesta E L’Uragano
07. Il Quinto Sole
08. L’Ariete E L’Argilla
09. Enki Li Fece Enlil Li Distrusse
10. La Torre Di Nimrod
11. Tages
12. Il Traghettatore
13. Il Giudizio Delle Potenze
14. Limbo


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REJEKTS – Italian blackened grindcore unit premieres single “Il Quinto Sole” at Toilet Ov Hell, new album “Adamo” out soon


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