Brisbane Symphonic Metal Powerhouse SERAPHIC Unveil ‘Insidious’ Official Music Video

Brisbane Symphonic Metal Powerhouse Seraphic recently released their monstrous new single ‘Insidious’. In honour of their new release, they are back with an Official Music Video accompanying the relentless riffage for their visceral soundscapes. 

Representing a bold and assertive new direction, Seraphic are taking no prisoners with this high-octane sonic kaleidoscope of blistering guitars, soaring vocal melodies and intricate orchestrations. Thematically ‘Insidious’ paints a picture of overcoming gaslighting and emotional abuse fueling the victim’s petulant inner critic to invade and erode their sense of identity. Healing from such an ordeal requires an incredible amount of courage and resilience to face your own demons as well as the abusers’.

Unafraid to bare it all, Seraphic bring this inner turmoil to life with depictions of marionette strings controlling the victim’s every move amidst the flurry of ferocious riffs, vibrant piano passages, catchy melodies and a high impact rhythm section. Building upon the 2020 release of the group’s sophomore album ‘Chrysalis’, Seraphic have raised the stakes even higher with this defiant new single, adding razor-sharp synths and pop sensibilities to their trademark rich symphonic metal soundscape.

Wolstenholme speaks on ‘Insidious’ Official Music Video: “Reprising their creative collaboration with VISUL for the third time now, Seraphic were able to bring their artistic vision for “Insidious” to life through a visceral, powerful visual narrative. Driven by a dark, twisted carnivale visual theme, the “Insidious” video tells the story of a puppet waking up to find herself trapped in a nightmarish version of her own childhood home. At every turn, she encounters menacing adversaries who seek to keep her confined in this labyrinth forever, but slowly she regains her strength and courage, until finally she’s had enough. Breaking free from her oppressors, she escapes from her prison a bold new woman. With Derek’s extensive experience in directing and producing powerful short films, VISUL were the clear choice for Seraphic to capture this narrative in all its raw desperation and emotional vulnerability. Seraphic hopes the “Insidious” film will resonate with viewers for whom this message is tenderly dedicated, and they are proud to present this strong artistic statement.”

Carving their way through the Australian Metal Scene, Seraphic’s Euro-influenced Symphonic Metal has been making waves since their debut record ‘Journey to Illumination’ (2017). Embracing their sonic evolution, Seraphic have established themselves as one of the finest melodic metal acts on the East Coast; which saw them perform alongside heavyweights such as Queensryche, Wednesday 13, Overkill, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, Kamelot & more! Their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Chrysalis’ gained global recognition amongst music fans and critics alike further cementing the group as a force to be reckoned with. Now with the release of their fierce follow-up single “Insidious”, Seraphic are poised to take the metal world by storm!

‘Insidious’ is Out Now via

Written by Seraphic
Recorded and engineered by Patrick Feagan
Mixed and mastered by Monolith Studios
Filmed and produced by Derek Griffiths, VISUL
Make-up artistry by Little Brush FX and Danielle Brown
“Insidious” artwork by Daniela Riquelme
Photography by Brandon Shields Photography
Filmed and produced by Derek Griffiths of VISUL


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