FEACES CHRIST blow up with „Gimme Morgue!“

Today we finally announce some infos for the debut album from Bavarian blood suckers FEACES CHRIST! „Gimme Morgue!“ contains 33 minutes pure putrefaction parted in 13 songs. Let’s call it an festival for Death Metal Punx, an album for fans of DEATH BREATH, NEKROFILTH or MACABRE. 

Gimme Morgue!“ will be released in March 2022 throuch FDA Records on CD and digital forms. Vinyl will follow later (due to the asslong waiting time at the plant), we expect it in the sweaty summer of 2022.

Pre-orders for CD and digital will begin close to X-mas. We will be presenting you with the album’s first preview track at that time. Order date for vinyl will be announced later.


01. The Goatse and the Goat

02. Fulci lives

03. Cadaverous Erection

04. Menstrual Cup

05. Rancid Romance

06. Bar Fights

07. People piss me off

08. Rest in Piss

09. Parasite

10. Two Wheels are better than Four

11. Melted to Slime

12. Video Nasty

13. Embalmed in Vomit

Gimme Morgue!“ was mixed by Ernesto @ Doomstadt, mastered by Role @ Klangmeisterei Oldenburg.

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