FUNERAL – Praesentialis In Aeternum

The Norwegian horde Funeral have been drifting tortured on the outrageous ocean of anguish and sorrow since ’91. Along the way, unfortunately the band had to overcome personal tragedies (suicide, drug overdose) and right now drummer Anders Eek is the only founding member.

Their musical direction has changed a lot during the years. At the beginning Candlemass and Cathdral were the main influences of their sound, which was mixed with death metal elements. Later they also ventured into the realms gothic/doom for a while. On 2012’s Oratorium, it seems they finally found the symphonic doom/death sound, which remained for the future.Sometimes fans consider them as a funeral doom act, but personally I don’t feel it is the right term to label them with. The song structures are more complicated and the music conjures a writhing feel in agony rather than a descent into endless mourning.

Perhaps apprehension and unrest are the best words to describe this album – it is dying, but meanwhile it is very much alive.

The Norwegian lyrics, which are inspired by the philosopher Emmanuel Kant, makes  Praesentialis even more unique. Additionally there is a guest appearance of Lazare (Borknagar, Solefald), who left his mark with his memorable vocals on the opening track. 

Praesentialis is not an easy listen, but it definitely caught me. In fact, I would risk to say that they have just put out their best work to date, which is a big accoumplishmet for such a veteran band.


1. Ånd (8.14)
2. Materie (6.21)  
3. Erindring I - Hovmod (8.16)  
4. Erindring II - Fall (10.52)
5. Oppvåkning (9.54)
6. Dvelen (11.35)

1. Her Til Evig Tid (ånd: epilog) (7.21)
2. Vekst (erindring : prolog) (9.18)
3. Shades From These Wounds (6.09)  
4. Samarithan (5.50)

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