OUTRE-TOMBE – Abysse Mortifère

There are records and even bands that add nothing innovating to a genre. Is that a problem? No – because, there are genres that don’t need to be innovated, they should be left alone in their own filth. Old-school death metal is one of those sleeping demons – it very rarely goes well when it gets raked up with something new. Of course, there are exceptions like Chapel Of Disease, Venenum, or Tribulation’s 2nd album, but the list is short. The Canadian ghouls, Outre-Tombe doesn’t complicate things, they doesn’t mess around, they doesn’t innovate. They unleash what we are here for – stinky, old-school putridness. The vocals are Martin Van Drunen-ish good old vomit that you don’t even realise they’re growling in French. The guitar section, including the bass, is transformed into a stinky riff mass fermented with thrash and crust elements. This entity is absorbing primitive Asphyx, Nihilist and Autopsy themes with a punkish kick. This is accompanied by lightning fast double-bass and D-beat drum ferocity.

Anyone who likes Swedish and Dutch style death metal should quickly dig into this band!

FFO: Ashpyx, Autopsy, Entombed

Tracklisting for Outre-Tombe's Abysse Mortifère

1. Abysse Mortifère
2. Cenobytes
3. Coupe Gorge
4. Desossé
5. Exsangue
6. Tombeau de Glace
7. Haut et Court
8. Nécrophage
9. Haruspex

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