SIJJIN – Sumerian Promises

Preserving heavy metal legacy is a double-edged sword – the downside is that new ideas and approaches are sometimes excluded. Nevertheless, the occult tribute that Sijjin pays to the founders of ancient death metal is necessary – the German band has drawn its strength from albums that were the primordial representatives of the genre when death metal was massively feeding from thrash. Possessed – Seven Churches, Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness, Pestilence – Malleus Maleficarum just to name a few beasts.

Take the raspy vocals of the frontman of the disbanded Necros Christos with the fast, archaic riffs and growling bass and kill them with wild primitive drums.

A must for old-school maniacs! One should start the prehistoric death metal journey with their 2019 EP (Angel Of The Eastern Gate) to open the sarcophagus of Sumerian Promises LP!

FFO: Morbid Angel, Possessed, Necros Christos


1. Daemon Blessex
2. Dagger Of A Thousand Deaths
3. Those Who Wait To Enter
4. Sumerian Promises
5. Angel Of The Eastern Gate
6. Hunting The Lizard
7. Unchain The Ghost
8. Darkness On Saqqara
9. White Mantras Bleed From Black Magic
10. Outer Chambers Of Entity
11. Condemned By Primal Contact

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