VHS Release New Album

If you want blood we got it! Canadian death metal gorehounds VHS are back with a new album of horror-inspired heaviness. This time, VHS plunge their fangs into vampire films with a full-length collection of nocturnal anthems called I Heard They Suck… Blood.

With songs based on vamp classics like The Lost BoysNear Dark and The Monster Squad, the album will thrill death metal and horror fanatics alike. The album even features guest vocals from ghoulish allies Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder) and Dave Ingram (Benediction). While VHS mainly drinks their life-force from the rotten arteries of death metal, the album is a feeding frenzy of diverse riffs and bat-shit crazy ideas. Part Exhumed and Carcass, part KISS and AC/DC. Or maybe Pungent Stench and Impetigo cannibalizing a drunken skate punk. Sharpen your wooden stakes, because this album’s out for blood.

Out now from Wise Blood Records on digital, CD, and cassette. Order a copy or stream the whole album on Bandcamp:

“Fans of Exhumed, Impetigo, Carcass, Mortician and fake blood will go nuts.” – Decibel Magazine

“VHS show that while they may be interested in sucking blood they know how to avoid sucking the fun out of death metal while they do it” – Last Rites

“VHS conjure images of raiding the horror section of your local video store, you know, the one that closed in 1995. Even more so, they conjure images of moshing in a cramped night club, beers held high and spilling everywhere as the crowd growls along.” – No Clean Singing


Order on Bandcamp:

VHS on Facebook:

Wise Blood Records on Facebook:

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