ECRYPTUS Presents Star Wars Themed Death Metal “Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre”

New EP “Kyr’am Beskar” Out January 14th via SBDC Records (Slamming Brutal Death Community)

Originally hailing from Korriban, but now stranded in Atlanta, Georgia, Ecryptus plays Star Wars themed death metal and they have a new EP ready for metalheads across the galaxy. The release of “Kyr’am Beskar” (Mandalorian for “Death Metal”) follows two demos (2002/2004); The Continuum LP (2005); Astral Crusades EP (2008) and a 7-inch single Rancorous (2018/2020). Each of these tells tales of the Dark side and its crusade against the tyranny of the rebel forces.

The single “Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre” is the first look at this EP complete with a lyric video.

Grinding out the macabre scene of an entire field of bodies, cleaved effortlessly by a maniac wielding a laser sword.” adds the band.

Feel the power of the dark side, and listen to “Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre” via its lyric video premiere on TheCirclePit –

The four-track EP also contains “Digested Over a Thousand Years”, “Planetary Enslavement” and “Compulsion to Disintegrate”, which further tell tales of the Canon Arcane. Once live shows are a regular occurrence again, Ecryptus is not one to miss. During their dramatic rituals, they wear armor and robes and dress the stage with trophies from recent death marks.

The epic Imperial galactic death metal of Ecryptus is recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Suffocation.

“Kyr’am Beskar” is due out January 14, 2022 via SBDC Records (Slamming Brutal Death Community).

EP pre-order –

Track Listing:
1. Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre (4:12)
2. Planetary Enslavement (5:07)
3. Compulsion to Disintegrate (4:12)
4. Digested Over a Thousand Years (5:40)
EP Length: 19:12

More Info:

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