MOTHFLESH will release second album, video world premiere at BlankTV

Mothflesh returns to release their latest album, “Machine Eater“. Self-described as the bands “true-form”,Mothflesh has done away with fitting their sound intoboxes and forged the 10 song release through asmattering of influences.

The album is a patchwork of borrowed elements, Infusingdiscordant down-tempo chugging from early metalcorebands of the likes of Converge and Poison The Well withthe modern death metal aggression of Decapitated andthe technical edge of Cynic and CarbombMachine Eaterwill tick all your boxes if you’re looking for a contemporarydropped-tuned neck cruncher with a distinct East Asian sound and a third-world attitude.

Video to the “The Lotus Denial” song premiered at BlankTV.

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Cover artwork was created by all4design.
Mixed and mastered by Simone Pietroforte of Divergent Studios who cooperated in the bands with such bands as NønviableShamash or Exhuminator.

Album will be released:

Band commentary about lyrical theme: “Inspired by the state of culture and technology that beckonsthe doomsday clock to tick forward; Machine Eater is adystopian love letter written to the modern metal listeners whoare exhausted by the sterile, neon-gated vista of theperceived future. Mothflesh’s interpretation of the state ofaggressive music is a battery-powered monolith built upon thebedrock of Death Metal and propelled with the artery-pumpingsurge of Modern Hardcore. The ashen coated lyrics wereanecdotes borne out of the South Asian smokestack ofexploitation and capitalism tongued in a hybridisation ofEnglish and Bahasa. Voiced through Oriental modalities andpulsed on a Carnatic heartbeat, Machine Eater is Mothflesh’s40 minute, 10 song slaved vision of the future.

Band commentary about composing upcoming album: “The compositional process of our first single The LotusDenial is the quintessential example of how MachineEater was assembled through the course of 2021. Theinspiration for the main hook draws it’s dissonancevoicing from traditional death metal, akin to Bolt Throweror Obituary. We follow this with a melodic countermelodybased on the
Hirajoshi scale. This hybrid application ofboth dissonant and minor scales are the taproot for howMothflesh forms its voicing and riffs. Upon completion ofthe main riff, we composed some fundamental drum linesto provide context to the song’s intensity and focus onthe verse which acts as another anchorpoint.
Whenutilising extended range guitars with strings tuned toDrop A, we felt that the
Djentification was inevitable. Thecombination of intense main hooks and bouncy-castle-headbang verses provide another example for how theband utilises the concept of tension and release in itssongcrafting. Once the framework for the drums werecompleted, the track was sent over to Naman Sachdevthrough fiverr to re-build the drum lines based on ourfoundation and his vision.“.

01. Dogmacore
02. Hexburn Ω
03. Reconstructing Fire
04. The Lotus Denial
05. Myriagon
06. Cyberpsycho
07. Knif In The back
08. Chaos Intervals
09. THeory Of Mind
10. Void Edge

Ezekiel “Eze” Mavani – bass
Ranveer “Maddog” Singh – guitars
Imran Muhammad – vocals

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