Track premiere: “Zwartgallig” from the upcoming HELLERUIN / DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE split LP on BABYLON DOOM CULT RECORDS’ website!

At present, BABYLON DOOM CULT RECORDS is thrilled to announce the split album ‘INVINCIBLE / Ω‘ between HELLERUIN and DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE!

A release date is set for January 7th, 2022 on the following formats: CD / DIGITAL / MC / LP.

A second track “Zwartgallig” by DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE has been unveiled at their label’s website!

Click on the link below to listen:

Last year DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE made waves in the underground of the Benelux with a two-track EP called ‘Ω’ (Zwaertgevegt) and mystery surrounding their identities. For this special occasion, the Eindhoven-based quintet wrote a new song: “Zwartgallig” (Dutch for ‘morbid’). The sound bridges the gap between nineties and contemporary black metal and fits in seamlessly with their previous quality material.

Earlier this year, HELLERUIN‘s debut ‘War Upon Man’ (New Era Productions / Iron Scourge) proved to be a favorite among believers of the true spirit of second wave black metal. Sole member Carchost wanted to keep the momentum going, resulting in writing three brand new tracks of frigid yet memorable music.

Together they present six tracks, totaling 45 minutes: a wide variety of chilling darkness from the North and the South of the Netherlands.


Release date: 7 January, 2022
Genre: Black Metal
Formats: CD / DIGITAL / LP / MC

For fans of: Taake, Gorgoroth, Sargeist, Wiegedood & Mgła


  1. HELLERUIN – Invincible (6:37)
  2. HELLERUIN – Mijn Ziel Aan De Duivel (7:46)
  3. HELLERUIN – We Rush Ahead (7:49)
  4. DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE – Zwartgallig (5:43)
  5. DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE – Zelfhaat (8:46)
  6. DE GEVREESDE ZIEKTE – De Gevreesde Ziekte (7:56)
    Total (45:01)


Carchost – All instruments & vocals


L – Guitar
M – Guitar
T – Vocals
R – Bass
K – Drums


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