PUTRED join the FDA Records army of undeads

Hailing from the crypts of Transylvania, FDA Records is proud to announce the signing of the real transilvanian hunger, the hideous quartet named PUTRED. The debut album will be up 2022 on FDA Records in all rusty forms.

PUTRED was formed in Transylvania, Romania by Exhumator (Guitars) and Cremator (Vocals / Bass) in june 2020. Degradare Perpetuă joined the band behind the drumkit right after preparing the first 2 songs called “Necroza” and “Devorat de Viermi” These tracks were released as a promo tape (self) in july, 2020. 

The influences are mainly early Death, early Necrophagia, Deceased, old Asphyx, old Grave, early Paradise Lost, Cianide, Rottrevore, old Mortician, among others. Putred lyrics (written and sang in romanian language) are short horror-drenched stories about the usual old death metal topics / cliches, such as death and the Afterlife etc. 

line up: FILIP – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar, URIEL – Lead Guitar, CORINA – Bass, DANTE – Drums 


– Necroza (promo tape 2020)

– Execrat din Mormânt (demo tape 2020) 

– Putrezire Cadaverică (tape compilation 2020) 

– split w/h Putrid Death (ES) (CD 2021) 

– Teroarea Incarnată (CD/MC 2021/22) 

– split w/h Eruptive (PY) (CD/MC 2021/22)

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