I was really looking forward to this album. Omnium Gatherum swept me off my feet with their album “Beyond” and the previous record “The Burning Cold” was also quite a blast. On the top, this kind of northern melodic metal is quite close to my heart. So we cay say I am a huge fan, but I have listened to the new album a dozen times and I’m in trouble. The worst is that I don’t really know the real reason why. The style keeps going forward on the old path. It’s very enjoyable to listen to. We got the icy guitars, the melodies, the northern atmosphere but something is missing. And than I realized – unfortunately I can’t find real outstanding songs. This time the music is a bit more straightforward and direct, what indicates that the riffs stand out stronger, which is not a negative thing. However, the harmonies and the guitar melodies with enigmatic presence are not as mesmerizing as before. They don’t give enough force to the songs, to make them characteristic, although there are some outstanding themes in each track. It is not a bad album, but a paler Omnium Gatherum.

Thanks to my fanaticism I’ll put on “Origin” often, even if it will not become my favorite.


1. Emergence
2. Prime
3. Paragon
4. Reckoning
5. Fortitude
6. Friction
7. Tempest
8. Unity
9. Solemn

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