DIABOLISCHES WERK release debut album “Beast” today

Photo by Bianca Hormann

Today, the fierce death/thrash German unit DIABOLISCHES WERK releases its debut album “Beast”. Despite being a young project, the quartet features some veterans of the German extreme scene in its ranks, with elements of bands such as Endstille, Dysangelium (DE), Tauthr and Kommando in its ranks. And this pedigree totally shows this debut album featuring plenty of gritty thrash/death metal anthems for the pandemic age.

“Beast” is out today in CD and digital formats via UPRISING! Records. An LP version (red vinyl, limited to 300 units) will be available in January. Orders are up here.

Diabolisches Werk” means and is the work of the devil.

Formed in the pandemic October of 2020, the band is pure musical blasphemy, combining death and thrash metal in its most brutal form.

The founding members Pissmark (guitar & bass), Knochenmark (guitar & vocals) and Smellhammer (drums & vocals) have been active in the extreme music scene for decades, e.g. in bands like Endstille, Tauthr, Dysangelium (Ger), etc. In 2021 bassist Krüger joined the fold, making Diabolisches Werk a tighter and more complete killing machine.

Appreciate the Beast!

Pissmark: guitar
Knochenmark: guitar, vocals
Smellhammer: drums, vocals
Krüger: bass




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