MEDENERA – new album “Bronzo” to be released at Christmas 2021

Medenera announces the release of the fourth album “Bronzo“, which will be released in digipack and jewel case version via GS prod. limited edition respectively of 100 and 300 copies cassette by BMC prod. limited edition of 100 copies.

Bronzo” anticipated in September by the single “Aenea proles II” represents a new imaginary for this one man band that in a short time has conquered a prominent place in the current Atmosperic Black Metal scene, with a unique style that sets it apart in the crowded contemporary scene. The album, like the two previous ones, is inspired by the eras of the world as narrated by the poets Hesiod and Ovid and will be available from Christmas 2021, together with the three previous works (Medenir, Oro and Argento) reissued in jewel case edition.

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