SYMPHONY OF HEAVEN release their staggering new album of blackened melodic death metal – Maniacal Entropik Discordium – through Rottweiler Records

It has been four years since the release of The Season Of Death, the first full length album from Symphony Of Heaven and a lot has changed in that time – morphing from a solo project into a fully fledged band being the most obvious. Perhaps the most important change has happened within Symphony Of Heaven’s music though, as new album Maniacal Entropik Discordium so amply demonstrates. Rarely has so much emotion been captured within such fearsomely heavy music, such depth and melodic awareness been fused with such a ferocious sonic attack. Symphony Of Heaven have scaled new peaks with Maniacal Entropik Discordium and set standards that will leave even their most dedicated fans stunned.

Maniacal Entropik Discordium is an album that was born from adversity and struggle, created against a dark personal backdrop for the members of Symphony Of Heaven, as drummer Asaph reveals… “When we were recording the album, all of us were in difficult places at different times. Ultimately, we all struggled with a form of loss in our own lives and a fair amount of depression fell on us during those times. But we persevered and took our suffering and turned it into something we are proud of.” Both those personal struggles and that defiant determination not to be defeated shine through in the thrilling songs that comprise Maniacal Entropik Discordium. The sense of loss is entwined in the articulate guitar lines, the iron will evident in the overwhelming power of the drums and the raging vocals. Symphony Of Heaven’s dark, melodic death metal ultimately carries within it a message of hope for those who are struggling with the travails of life. It’s a call to arms in the face of all that would tear us down.

RottweilerRecords will release this staggering album, on December 17th – and this troubled year couldn’t have wished for a more heart-shaking, life-affirming ending. Paying homage to fallen heroes with an accomplished cover of Death’s ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’, Maniacal Entropik Discordium is a magnificent achievement that will bring Symphony Of Heaven to the attention of metal fans the world over. Who knew that 2021 still had one more death metal masterpiece up its sleeve?

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