THALARION – Dying on the Scorched Plains

After 17 years of hiatus the Slovakian based Thalarion is back with a new album. The band was formed in 1996, but went to sleep in 2006 after putting out five records. The unexpectedly reformed Thalarion’s line-up remained the same and only a few changes were made – the bassist switched to guitars, the keyboardist took frontman duties and singer Nela Horváthová, who had been involved previously only for a short time, became a central figure. The 45-minute-long album with its 10 tracks tooks the listener back to the mid-90’s, when the gothic/doom sound was in its prime. Pleasant melodies and light riffs ramble, while silky female vocals and evil growls are crossing each others path. Stylistically, I would associate them with early Theatre Of Tragedy or sometimes with Therion, but in a slightly paler form. Surprisingly one can find elements where the music visits to the realm of melodic death metal as well.

I would say it is not a hopeless resumption, as the songs are basically accurate, but there’s still a large place for improvement, since they haven’t really left a deep impression on me.


1. Prelude To Dolorous Scenes
2. Burning Pile
3. Space In Between
4. Dead But Still In My Heart
5. Fairy Garden
6. Wandering Minstrel
7. Sub Rosa
8. Back To The Light
9. Dying On The Scorched Plains
10. Into The Nowhere

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