Electro Jazz Artist PETRE IONUTESCU has Released “Murmur”, a Cosmic Audio-Visual Journey

Romanian multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Petre Ionuțescu is releasing today a new audio-visual experience “Murmur”

The album is a dreamy journey accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful video filmed on the luster of a mountain lake.  

In this natural dreamscape, Petre Ionuțescu creates a phantasmagoric universe where the sky seems to be dripping its stars in the mirror of Trei Ape lake. Thus, an atmosphere gets created and makes you reconsider your existence at the hand of a sonic hourglass through which time sifts emotion. 

You can watch the full concert here:

Beautiful things happened when, together with the 3 Compas association, the artist organized a concert on a floating platform in the middle of Trei Ape lake. The result is “Murmur”, an eight-track album that comes dressed in folk and traditional outfits, while the trumpet is beautiful in tone and perfectly completes the poetic scenario.

You can listen and pre-order “MURMUR” via Bandcamp.

The album begins with an initial reflective mood that soon develops and expands. Starting with almost no gravity, “Murmur” transforms into cosmic jazz by pushing us into the earth through a mix of jazz radiance, folksy melodies, and contemporary classical mesmerism. Finally, “Murmur” is taken to a broad spiritual sense, ending in a selfless hymn of peace. 

Expressing his undeniable passion for music, Petre Ionuțescu turns “Murmur” into a triumph of emphatic expectations. Impressive in its sheer physicality and complexion, the album is a work of pure dedication and focus, a marvelous artistic showcase of Ionutescu’s capabilities both as a modern trumpeter and composer.

Petre Ionuțescu is a trumpet player, multi-instrumentalist artist, composer, and music producer. He is also the founding member of Funky Growl and Blazzaj, but of the Romanian Brass Society association too. In 2016, Petre Ionuțescu released “Maria Radna Live” under the name of Trompetre. Later on, he collaborated with Daniel Dorobanțu to release “Cartea de Piatră” and the vinyl “Alive at Garana Jazz Festival”, perfectly combining ambient, modern classical, and jazz. 


Video Producer: Kaze Media
Video Editor: Cristian Văduva
Filming: Ovidiu Novac
Panoramic Filming: Adrian Danciu
Sound & Live Recordings: Cristian Giurgev
Mix & Master: Attila Lukinich
Lights: Cristian “Sol Faur” Popescu
Photo: (c) Lucian Oprea
Artwork:(c) Ovidiu HrinGenre: Jazz Ambient, Modern Classical, Experimental



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