Welsh thrash band, MADICIDE, releases single ‘Death March’

Back after their five-year hiatus, Thrash Metal band, Madicide are announcing their return to the scene with a new version of their previous release, ‘Death March’.The track features the weight, speed and energy of metal combined with oldschool death metal references, with strong influences from the classic bands of the genre with their amazing riffs, dirty sound and marked beat.

Death March‘ was produced and mixed at Boneyard Studios in Neath. This is the Bataan Death March that took place during World War II. The band formed by Ceri Roberts (guitar and vocals), Josh Bevan (Bass), Ian Woolfe (guitar) and Tim Roberts (drums) are working on new material for the first time in 5 years!

Opening with its signature chugging chords and simple, heavy riffs, Madicide takes us back to the Heavy Metal era of the early ’80s from the moment the track began. Avoiding the overproduction and unnecessary technical showboating seen all too often in today’s market, ‘Death March‘ instead opts to stay true to classical metal’s values – prioritizing sound over anything else.

Death March’ is set to win fans everywhere – catapulting Madicide into the spotlight for their next album. From Thrash’s heavy dose of nostalgia to the punk-inspired sense of angst as they chant the sinister line “Death March Until You Die,” the single perfectly conveys the same passion and raw energy seen in Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All and the legendary release of Motorhead, Ace Of Spades.

“Death March”:

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