CORPUS VITREUM releases new songs every month

Corpus Vitreum is a metal studio project of the two musicians, Sebastian Byron Mirgeler and Matheus Thomas Kuska, from Germany. Formed in 2019 in Bonn the envision of melancholic, atmospheric, agnostic music was started from interplays with guitars only. Further instruments were included during composition of the songs. The atmosphere was accompanied with empathic and emotional vocals by Sebastian B. Mirgeler. The recording of the debut album started in 2020 and was finished in 2021.

To make the music more exciting, more atmospheric and to attract more attention to every single song, Corpus Vitreum has created a new concept for their release. Each song of Corpus Vitreum should be recognized as a stand-alone work. To highlight the significance of each song, they are published monthly as singles, according to the lunar month at new moon. The monthly main songs are previewed at full moon with an silent and quite instrumental version, which is called „The silent Roots of …“. Each piece of music is presented with its own artwork / photography / rune and the concept flows together on the website.

The atmospheric melodies switch from creepy, weird feelings to thoughtful parts. The grand concepts and ambitious arrangements are influenced by different music and metal styles, like post black, doom and blackgaze, but also music from the 80s and 70s. Corpus Vitreum doesn ́t want to bring these various influences together or define themself through a certain style. The atmosphere and the emotions come first. The sad and depressed lyrics which are arose from psychological and philosophical aspects were wrapped into dark and horrifying fantasy worlds. The aim is to yarn a musicalscape in which people immerse, get lost and even drown. The result shows the fragility of everything.


  • 12.04.2021 Lunar Horizon
  • 27.04.2021 The Roots of: Behemoth of the North
  • 11.05.2021 Behemoth of the North
  • 26.05.2021 The Roots of: Morbid Mind
  • 10.06.2021 Morbid Mind
  • 24.06.2021 The Roots of: A Fragile Dawn
  • 10.07.2021 A Fragile Dawn
  • 24.07.2021 The Roots of: Old Wars
  • 08.08.2021 Old Wars
  • 07.09.2021 Beast of MIsery
  • 06.10.2021 Steel Coffins
  • 04.11.2021 March to Midgard
  • 04.12.2021 Hymn of the Hurting Moment

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