BARÚS – French atmospheric death metal unit premieres new EP “Fanges” at Invisible Oranges

Invisible Oranges is now premiering “Fanges”, the new EP by the acclaimed French atmospheric death metal visionaries BARÚS. Stream “Fanges” at THIS LOCATION.

Recently No Clean Singing premiered the video for the single “Châssis de Chair“. Watch the clip HERE!

The EP is scheduled for release on December 31st 2021 via Aesthetic Death (CD) and Breathe Plastic (tape).

The first, eponymously-titled track was created through a series of writing and recording sessions in the spring of 2020. As lockdown restrictions imposed novel and remote workflows, the band adopted a fluid and open collaborative process involving both musician Anthony Barruel and writer Sarah Onave. A structure gradually emerged from this studio work, weaving together spontaneous quasi-improvised elements alongside more complex layered sound constructions that together form a monolithic and experimental track, moving away somewhat from pummelling death metal, even erring towards hypnotic sludge and ambient territories.

The second track, “Châssis de Chair”, works as a mirror-track to “Fanges” by re-expressing the same core elements, albeit through an entirely opposite approach. It was written during the summer of 2021 and recorded live inside the band’s rehearsal space, focusing on a raw visceral performance with no overdubs or additional layers. It shows BARÚS as close as possible to how the band actually sounds, using the constraints of a live-setting to stimulate a more direct and riff-centric track.

Formed in 2015, BARÚS released an EP (“Barús”, 2015) and full length (“Drowned”, 2018). “Fanges” sees BARÚS now exploring new musical and lyrical territories while simultaneously reaffirming the band’s commitment to creating a unique strand of suffocating death metal – evolving their shape-shifting identity as purveyors of dark and introspective music.


01. Fanges
02. Châssis de Chair


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BARÚS – French atmospheric death metal unit premieres new track “Châssis de Chair” at No Clean Singing


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