THE VICTIMS REINCARNATE release Debut-Ep and Teaser-Video

The Victims Reincarnate – No, TVR are not a real band. Well, then what are they? one might ask … and I will answer: Besides my writing, I’ve been playing in metal bands since I was fourteen years of age. Also my pretty graphic horror novel Loopgod / Doomdog is telling about the fate of a fictional metal band (especially the fate of keyboard player Mary …) and that the book generally includes a lot of homages and Easter eggs regarding everything metal, I thought it would be cool to breathe a little unholy life into TVR. Everything you will find following the links above is my creation, if you want to ignore the drums. For the drums I have secured the help of a very talented school friend who did a really impressive job.

So, is all this just a little crazy idea or some kind of promo gag? Well … no, not really!

There are already eighteen song sketches for the TVR project, the first four of which I present on this EP. So do not worry, there’s more to come …
Actually, TVR’s self-titled debut was intended to be a full-fledged album and sound a little different. The music has become a lot harder than I described it in the book and unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to work out more details and finish more pieces.
But well – that’s how art works – it breathes, lives and and sometimes takes strange highways. And that’s gooDio. 😉

But: The albums “Gravebreaker” and “Back from Heaven” mentioned in the book will definitely be released and all other streaming services and digital music portals will be added in the next few days.

Georg Bruckmann

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