JERA – “Mother of Nine” video

Our debut single “Mother of Nine” embodies the essence of our music genre Norse Metalcore.

The song is about Rán, a divinity of the sea, who drags the shipwrecked sailors down into the depths of the sea. Rán was the bride of Ægir and together they had nine daughters, each of these maidens representing Nine Catastrophic Ocean Waves. It is said that the Goddess was betrayed by her husband who preferred the prosperity of the Aesir banquets in Valhalla to her humble company. Our protagonist, envious and furious for the betrayal, then decided to set up her own banquet in the abyss, inviting to dinner the castaways that she had drowned with the help of the Nine daughters. The story shows a melancholy and unhappy outcome because, after all, loneliness was the only thing left to her (“Loneliness Echoes into the Void”).

In the music video we tried to represent the story of the divinity, putting ourselves in the place of those castaways invited to her banquet. The cold colours and dark atmospheres of the abyss blend with the sound of the song, creating a unique immersive travel experience in the world of Rán, the “Mother of Nine“. Video script came out from our original idea and the scenes are directed by Bruno Malevoli in the setting of the countryside of Monteriggioni. Daylight scenes, which represent the Valhalla banquet, are shot in uncultivated field, while the banquet of the abyss and the playback are shot inside a black box.

This is the first of five songs we are about to release, which together form out first EP. We are really proud of this product and we can’t really wait to present all the other tracks too!

Mother Of Nine” is available from Friday, 3rd December on all Streaming & Digital Stores platforms.

Jera band formed in winter 2020 in front of a mug of beer, from the merger of two alternative metal bands from Italy. Federico, Bruno, Giulio, Gabriele and Duccio decided to combine their metalcore and melodic death metal musical influences to create new songs inspired by the Norse mythology.
Jera’s sound is characterized by sharp riffs inspired by Swedish metal tradition, interchanged with dramatic and reflective melodies that emerge strongly in the interludes and refrains. The atmosphere that arises from listening to the song drags the listener towards the distant lands of northern Europe and to the events of the gods, heroes and victims of the past.

Line up:

Federico Leggeri : vocals

Bruno Malevoli : guitar

Giulio Poggi : guitar

Duccio Pellati : bass

Gabriele Mazzarri : drums

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