ELYREAN are back! New single ‘The Omniscient One’ out January 14

ELYREAN ARE BACK! And it feels good to say so. After an extended hiatus the quartet from the West Midlands will shortly be releasing a brand-new single.

For those who don’t know, Elyrean are a Melodic/Technical Thrash Metal band who are influenced by many bands such as Sylosis, Slayer, Revocation, and Insomnium. They are made up of Will Edwards (Vocals/Guitar), Dan Kraushar (Guitar), Daryl Payne (Drums), and new member Josh Richardson (Bass). The groups prolonged break came following the departure of previous lead vocalist and bassist, Asa, which left a hole in the foundations of the group that required a full rebuild, one which lesser bands would crumble from.

With Will learning how to be a vocalist from scratch and a long search to find new bass player Josh, Elyrean are finally ready to show off the fruits of their labour in the form of new single ‘The Omniscient One’. Focusing on topics on climate change, Will says “It’s about people being told the consequences of their actions if they do not change, global warming is a big issue and A LOT of the pollution comes from major corporations.” Fuelled with anger, stomping groves and crushing riffs, Elyrean and back with a BANG!

The Omniscient One is due for release on January 14th to all platforms. You can pre-save it on Spotify now from

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