Ottawa’s SINFUL WAYS Drops An Atomic Size Video “Manhattan”; New EP “Darkest Days” Out Now!

New EP “Darkest Days” Out Now!

L-R: Frank Lahache – Guitar/ Harsh Vocals – Backing Screams | Brad Lake – Clean Vocals/Bass | Dave Matlak – Drums/ Harsh Vocals – Main Screams | Georgio Karapanos – Guitar/Programming
Photo Credit: Jessy Dwyer, Beyond the Pit

Ottawa, Canada’s Sinful Ways have a new music video for their track “Manhattan” off their sophomore EP “Darkest Days” that was recently unleashed on December 10th.

Designed for mosh pit debauchery, the song draws inspiration from the atomic bomb it’s named after. Lyrically, “Manhattan” has more of a political focus, criticizing mans need for dominance and superiority while disregarding the needs of society. If you listen closely to the outro section in Manhattan, the bass part was played by drummer Dave Matlak hitting the open string with drum sticks.

Watch and listen to “Manhattan” via its premiere on Hardcore Worldwide’s YouTube channel –

Sinful Ways’ new EP “Darkest Days” blends melodic and thrashy elements along with three members sharing vocal duties, bassist Brad Lake doing cleans, drummer Dave Matlak doing main screams, and guitarist Frank Lahache on backing screams. The recording is an eighteen-minute exploration of war, anarchy, third world struggles, and mental health. Engaging fans with a mood-setting intro of crows, bells, and the wind, Sinful Ways lay a path into the opening track ‘Vow of the Devil’, a riffy, thrashy melodic vs. harsh experience. From there that band gets your fist-pumping with the anthemic ‘Bury The Hatchet’, which only gets you prepared for the perfectly titled ‘Manhattan’, an atomic bomb song solely written with a mosh pit in mind. To close out the EP, fans will experience ‘Pursuit’, the band’s most adventurous song that features an orchestral arrangement at the start before slamming into harmonized, sweep picking guitars.

The band adds about “Darkest Days”:

“Everyone struggles from time to time; we even recorded this EP remotely during these Covid times. We believe we finally found a way to blend our various styles and elements to create some mosh pit favourites! We want people to remember why they got into metal, the energy, the fun, and the guitars. We want them to relive the days they discover good music! From front to back, we believe this EP holds a lot of musical value.”

“Darkest Days” was produced and mixed by Cameron Dunn and mastered by Scott Middleton at Hillside Audio in Toronto. EP Artwork by Nik Paquin.

Recommended for fans of Trivium, Parkway Drive, Avenged Sevenfold, and Slipknot, “Darkest Days” is available on digital platforms at and

Music Video – Bury The Hatchet –

“Darkest Days” follows Sinful Ways’ debut 2019 EP “To Hell Tonight”, and 2020 stand-alone singles “Burst into Flames” plus “No Escape”.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome/Vow of the Devil (4:46)
2. Bury the Hatchet (3:40)
3. Manhattan (3:20)
4. Pursuit (6:18)
EP Length: 18:05

EP Recording and Live Band Line Up:
Brad Lake – Clean Vocals/Bass
Dave Matlak – Drums/ Harsh Vocals – Main Screams
Georgio Karapanos – Guitar/Programming
Frank Lahache – Guitar/ Harsh Vocals – Backing Screams

More Info:

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