PURBAWARA premiere “Naraka” official music video featuring Makhlvk, Riko Sog, & Firdaus Ex.Daarchlea

Purbawara has released their first official music video “NARAKA” on Youtube. The term “NARAKA” has been adopted from various religious terms from Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and also Hinduism. It is generally used to define hell in the Malay language, either in the spelling of “NERAKA” or “NARAKA”.

The song depicts the human mind on various aspects of understanding the afterlife, but the end will always be the same even whichever path we choose. At the end, we only desire to be a humble servant to the Almighty, and the religion. We, as human beings, relish to do what’s best for the religion. The world or Afterlife, which would it be…

Purbawara collaborates with multiple vocalists from well-known bands such as Makhlvk (one-man Indonesian deathcore band), Riko (Vocalist of SOG / Sekumpulan Orang Gila) and Firdaus (Former vocalist of Daarchlea).

Not only that, Purbawara has recruited a new member – Jun, third guitarist officially into their lineup.

Figure 1From Left to Right: Yusnor, Syafiq,Zid, Yusuf, Jun,Nazreen

NARAKA” and the previous release, “World of Nifaq”, “Servants of alamin” and “Shaheed’ War” will all be in the upcoming second album “Withering” which expects to release in Q1 2022.

The details of the music video of “NARAKA” are as follows;

Needles from naraka becomes every human nightmare,
The thoughts of it as mere illusions are those who are in despair,
So convinced of the ideology of the extinction of the wicked,
Yet demanding for zuhud from the righteous.

That worn-out sajadah,
Being the witness of forgotten promises
The worn-out sajadah,
Being a place to wish of all desires

If dunya is what you seek, it brings darkness to the heart,
If akhirah is what you pursue, it gives light to the heart,
Let the Quran run through your blood and your veins,
In order not to be vanquished by the ocean of blasphemy.

That worn-out sajadah,
Being the witness of forgotten promises,
The worn-out sajadah,
Being a place to wish of all desires.

But know the judgment of akhirah is true,
Dive into the verses of the king of all books,
Follow the five and six to always be wise,
For this obsession of dunya, all must survive.

Lyrics and songwriting by: Purbawara Recorded at: Alyss A Maniac Studio Mixed, mastered and produced by: Mr.Apek
Directed and produced by; Andrew Tan Cameran man: Andrew Tan Video editing by: Andrew Tan Venue by: Panggung Asia Gombak

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