EXTREMA – to release a limited edition vinyl print of “The Positive Pressure (of Injustice)”

The 90s really were the Golden Age; Turin was the heart of Italian Hardcore and Milan was bursting with a vibrant metal scene. Thanks to a constant influx of International Bands and a huge small venue scene, young fans began flooding in from all over Italy ensuring that Milan became a natural focus point for this ever-growing scene. It was in this natural habitat that EXTREMA, already present on the Italian Music Scene, released, in 1993, their debut album “Tension at the Seams”.
It was an instant success, launching Tommy Massara’s band into the now established live scene with sold-out shows in small clubs and large Arenas.

“Tension at the Seams” allowed Extrema to throw away the rule book, elevating the Italian scene from underground to something more established with sold-out shows all across the peninsula, to being present in almost every national band survey as ‘best band’ and ‘best live act’. In 1995 the band reconfirmed their ever growing status, with both fans and critics, with the release of their second album “Positive Pressure (of injustice)“.
Today, 27 years later, this milestone of an album will be re-released for the first time on vinyl,  remastered and limited to only 300 copies. The albums will be hand-numbered and released by La Scena Dischi, on the 13th of January 2022.

Tommy Massara commented:

“We’ve been thinking of doing this for years and even after many discussions with various labels were unable to secure the project. About a year ago we met with Chris from “Le Scena Dischi” who put forward the proposal to release an album that had never been printed on Vinyl. To me, the only one title that sprung straight to mind, and one of our most successful albums was of course “The Positive Pressure of Injustice”. As soon as the deal was sealed we got to work to ensure our fans would get the best possible version. The album was remastered, by Mauro Andreolli, with Gatefold packaging and full of unseen photos rescanned from the original film from our archive. We will only release 300 coloured copied all numbered by hand. I truly believe that the fans, who purchase this, will be extremely happy to add this fantastic limited edition to their collection.


Side A
This Toy
The Positive Pressure Of Injustice
Money Talks
New Confusion

Side B
Like Brothers
To Hell
On Your Feet, On Your Knees
Tell Me


EXTREMA’s original line-up was established between 1985 and 1986 in Milan, Italy, where the band recorded the first EP “We Fucking Care” and, within a single year, opened for Slayer on the Italian leg of the Reign In Blood tour. The huge success achieved by the performance led Tommy Massara’s band to play all over Italy and to sell over 3000 copies of their debut album in a short time.
Tommy was the only remaining member of the original line-up, and over the years he also played the role of artistic and executive producer. The real leap in artistic and professional quality for EXTREMA arrived in 1988, when the line-up was completed by Gianluca Perotti (voice), Mattia Bigi (bass) and Cristiano Dalla Pellegrina (drums) and turned into an unstoppable unit thanks to an incessant live activity in Italy and abroad.
Hundreds of concerts made the band more and more close-knit and open towards a constant growth path, capable from the beginning of welcoming influences external to heavy metal, a consistent choice within an evolutionary framework which saw EXTREMA start from the rebellious attitude of Motörhead to later incorporate the style of Californian thrash metal, a scene with which the band shared the utmost care for the technical side of music and a devastating presence on stage.
The result of these efforts is the masterpiece “Tension At The Seams” (1993), still considered the best Italian heavy metal record ever. A work which clearly shows EXTREMA’s will to experience and anticipate the times while placing its foundations on a solid and aggressive style. This mental opening pushes the band to modify their own sound in the following albums, while never turning away from prestigious collaborations in the meantime.
Such is the case of “Mollami” and “Vai Bello”, songs written together with Italian rap superstars Articolo 31, which reaffirm the band’s modern attitude, free from the constraints of a mostly static and traditionalist scene. A tendency to contamination is clearly reflected in the stark evolution of the following albums, “The Positive Pressure (Of Injustice)” of 1995 and “Better Mad Than Dead” (2001).

The band’s reputation as musicians and performers kept growing in a perpetual live context, with extensive tours and the participation to prestigious festivals with the likes of Metallica, Slayer and Korn. The publication of the anthology “And The Best Has Yet To Come” (2003) also saw of Cristiano Dalla Pellegrina’s quit the band after fifteen years of dedication.

This perpetual evolution welcomes new drummer Paolo Crimi and V2 / Edel the label under which the album “Set The World On Fire” (2005) is published. After only two years, EXTREMA decide to move on and sign a license agreement with Scarlet Records, an Italian label specializing in heavy metal. The DVD “Murder Tunes & Broken Bones” and the CD “Raisin ‘Hell With Friends”, both recorded live are soon published,  a prelude to the European tour in support for Death Angel in 2008, which confirms the band at the top of the game and ready to work on a long-awaited new record.

“Pound For Pound” sees the light in May 2009 and makes it clear that EXTREMA are still a reference for European thrash metal, once again filtered by a groove always in step with the times. The album also features a few neat surprises, such as the presence of exceptional guest Page Hamilton (Helmet) and a brilliant cover of Deuce (Kiss). After having participated to many of the most important European festivals and to the Italian dates of legendary Motörhead, Mattia Bigi leaves the ranks.
Once new bassist Gabri Giovanna has been recruited, the long work on the sixth album “The Seed Of Foolishness” begins, to finally see the light in 2013. It is supported by an extensive European tour, at the end of which Paolo Crimi leave. New drummer Francesco La Rosa takes his place and, with this line-up, EXTREMA record “The Old School EP”, an exhilarating overhaul of songs dating back to 1987 and never before included in official publications.
Extraneous from the beginning to political and ideological implications of any kind, EXTREMA’s lyrics have always strived to alternate challenging and contemporary themes with lighter subjects, true to rock’n’roll form, but Gianluca Perotti -the main author of lyrics since the second album- had since grown a personal interest in conspiratorial theories. This led to neglecting the construction of melodic and effective vocal lines, sacrificed in favor of a kind of message that created an unbridgeable furrow with the public and the rest of the band.
In May 2017 the singer was let go and, at the end of long auditions of over thirty candidates, the choice of fell on Tiziano Spigno. Thanks to his entry, EXTREMA can finally release all the creativity repressed in recent years: a violent, direct and engaging approach which is -at the same time- also varied, courageous and experimental, resulting in the new album “Headbanging Forever”.
A record combining innovation and tradition (the sensational cover of Judas Priest’s The Ripper) with the experience and passion of a band that has always set its own course in the heavy metal world. In 2019, EXTREMA’s “Headbanging Forever” does not want to be a trivial manifesto of bad intentions, but rather represents the only possible way to understand and play their amazing music.
EXTREMA (1995)
Gianluca “GL” Perotti – Vocals
Tommy Massara – Guitars
Mattia Bigi – Bass
Cris Dallapellegrina – Drums
Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals
Tommy Massara – Guitars
Gabri Giovanna – Bass
Francesco “Frullo” La Rosa – Drums
1987 – We Fuckin’ Care EP (Multimedia Attack)
1993 – Tension at the Seams (Contempo / EMI)
1993 – Proud, Powerful ‘n’ Alive EP (Contempo / EMI)
1995 – The Positive Pressure (of Injustice) (Flying Records)
2001 – Better Mad Than Dead (Seven Music / Self)
2003 – And the Best Has Yet to Come Best of (Anthology) (About Rock / Sony Music)
2005 – Set the World on Fire (V2 / Edel)
2007 – Raisin’ Hell with Friends – Live at the Rolling Stone (Scarlet Records / Audioglobe)
2007 – Murder Tunes & Broken Bones – Live at the Rolling Stone DVD (Scarlet Records / Audioglobe)
2009 – Pound for Pound (Scarlet Records / Audioglobe)
2013 – The Seed of Foolishness (Fuel records / Self – Scarlet Records / Soulfood)
2016 – The Old School EP (Punishment 18 / Night of the Vinyl Dead – Extremateam / The Orchard)
2019 – Headbanging Forever (Rockshots Records)


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