German black metal band VORGA premiere new song via No Clean Singing

Powerful and evocative with an undercurrent of melody, Vorga‘s brand of atmospheric black metal is compelling and also enchanting. Their music remains dynamic and they manage to incorporate enough variations to keep things memorable, retaining your attention throughout. Another scintillating song from the upcoming album has been premiered by No Clean Singing AT THIS LINK

“ethereal tone both creates an unearthly atmosphere and contrasts with the gritty, visceral punch beneath it. The riffing also begins to swirl, and the music as a whole rises to create an experience that’s somehow both glorious and stricken”

“A totally immersive highly recommended experience” – The Coroner’s Report (New Zealand) 9.5/10

– “absolutely staggering work of black metal” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “Multifaceted, and terrifyingly intense” – Metal Roos (Australia) 4.5/5

– “one of the most resplendent jewels” – Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

– “another great sounding album from Vorga” – Occult Black Metal Zine (US) 8/10

Vorga (Germany) – Striving Toward Oblivion (Black Metal)

Genre – Black Metal 
Release Date – February 4th, 2022
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – DissectionNecrophobicImperialistMare CognitumUnanimatedSacramentumImmortalGorgorothAshen Horde 

Following a stunning debut EP in ‘Radiant Gloom’ which landed them a label deal, German black metal band Vorga return with an absolutely scintillating full length that expands upon the music on their debut and takes it to new heights. The sound is more powerful and streamlined than ever before, while remaining intense and sufficiently scathing but not so much so as to blur out the gleaming melodies that add a dimension to the band’s atmospheric and otherworldly music. Similar to the sci-fi themed black metal label mates ImperialistVorga seem influenced by Dissection but do so much more and sonically are operating almost as an atmospheric black metal band. It’s easy to get lost in the intense and engaging soundscapes Vorga create, making the listener mentally traverse endless galaxies and remain enraptured by it all, as they weave together compelling riff after riff, ensuring that no time is wasted during the extraterrestrial journey. This is one of the best and most emphatic expressions of this style, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a fulfilling, edge-of-the-seat experience that’s both refreshing and unforgettable.

Line up –
Atlas – Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Jervas – Drums
Спейса – Vocals and Bass Guitar

Track listing –
1.Starless Sky
4.Stars My Destination
5.Last Transmission
6.Fool’s Paradise
8.Death Manifesting

Official Video Stream

Vorga Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Vorga Facebook

Transcending Obscurity US Store

Transcending Obscurity Europe Store

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