Latvian metal band MINDESIGN release their second studio album “Swallowed”

“Swallowed” covers interpretations of themes such as religion, church, death, life and interpersonal relationships during different periods in life as well as history. What makes the album unique is the fact, that the band has two lyricists, therefore demonstrating the ability to listen to each other, work together in order to unify two different creative visions and create something truly special.

The album includes nine compositions created between 2018 and 2021. The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered with the help of Kārlis Šteinmanis (KS Records – Unity Audio).

According to the members of the band, the new album is musically heavier and more mature than the debut album. Listeners will be able to hear a mix of black metal, metalcore, thrash metal, deathcore, grindcore as well other genres. Also for the first time the band has recorded a song in Russian language.

From the debut album «Filth» (2017) up until now the band has undergone a change in their lineup. At the end of 2020 they said goodbye to the long time guitarist Vadims Maisejevičs and welcomed Edgars Meijers (ex- «Once Upon») to fill his position.

The band’s origins can be traced back to the end of 2015 with members joining from bands such as «Malduguns», «Dark Nexus», «Break The Norm», «Once Upon» and «Enema Express». Currently «Mindesign» consists of vocalist Jānis Naglis, guitarists Dainis Kļaviņš and Edgars Meijers, bass guitarist Edgars Ceplis and drummer Kristiāns Voitkevičs.

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