WRETCHED TONGUES premiere new video ‘Call Of The Chasm’, with a European exclusive at Bloody News!

Having given due notice of the shocking intensity that fans can expect from their forthcoming Vicious Instinct Records album, Ulter Praefinitum, with first single ‘Into The Nothing‘, deathcore monsters Wretched Tongues are now ready to hit us with another devastating blow. Today, Thursday January 13thBloody News present a European exclusive premiere of the new Wretched Tongues single, ‘Call Of The Chasm‘. This shockingly heavy track is further proof of just what a staggering album Ulter Praefinitum is going to be. Exploring more facets of the Wretched Tongues approach to brutality than its predecessor, ‘Call Of The Chasm’ is a memorable and thrilling explosion of extreme music. The band themselves have summed up the direct and nihilistic message behind the new single in simple terms…

“Call of the Chasm is exactly what the name insinuates; a powerful calling to the depths of it all, the pure nothingness.”

Head to Bloody News now to experience the brain mangling force of ‘Call Of The Chasm’

The Ulter Praefinitum album will be released on March 18th, adorned in the awesome artwork of Caelan Stokkermans (Vesperian SorrowVomit The SoulAbiotic etc) and it takes everything heard on Wretched Tongues’ previous EPs (Burial Grounds 2017, Death Eater 2018) and singles (The Absence Of Light 2019, Dismal; Eternal 2020) to the next level and beyond. This is where the pain really begins!

Heed the ‘Call Of The Chasm’ and prepare for the absolute destruction of Ulter Praefinitum on March 18th.

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