MINNERIKET vs. Censorship pt. II

Related to the release of the new Minneriket album «Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile» I refer to the e-mail sent Jan. 3rd regarding censorship, and find it relevant to update on this matter.

First, the good news: «Gjennom meg går ingen til hvile» will be released on time this Friday. The delays regarding the artwork has been resolved and the album has been accepted by digital distribution partners. 

It will however be available on the mainstream sites like Spotify in a censored version. The original intended artwork will not be available. As a thumbnail the audience will hopefully not notice much difference, but in the end the mainstream forces to be, with their monopoly and position, managed to win the battle. As a small band, not appearing on streaming sites like this is not an option. 

In order to have the full intended release, the album has to be bought either as a digital download or on a physical CD through BandCamp. I am no longer allowed to link to the store on social media. The CD is printed in a very limited run, and have now become a collectors item after this exclusion and censorship. 

However, Minneriket has also faced even more censorship on social media than previously reported. The limiting of reach and deletion of content has gotten out of hand, and my accounts have been flagged both for the cover artwork and also for what Meta calls glorification and spreading of hatred. For some reason only a few Black Metal bands gets the «honour» of wearing this label, and there is no consistency to trace from the acts of Meta. 

This is of course completely unacceptable, and a formal appeal has already been sent to the Norwegian branch of the Oversight Board for an independent judgement of content.

Minneriket. / Stein Akslen

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