Germany’s TREST to have both demos released on vinyl via AMOR FATI

Today, Amor Fati Productions sets January 28th as the international release date for both demos of Germany’s Trest on one vinyl LP, hereby titled Ordalium / Chambre Ardente.

Mysterious in name and deed – and, of course, membership – Germany’s Trest are nevertheless one of the most fully-formed entities in recent memory. Theirs is a gnawing and ominous form of black metal brewed within the darkest corners of the soul; foundations of old are heralded, while new pyres are being set ablaze. Which is to say that Trest altogether locate that elusive balance between the classic and the contemporary, which is the foremost reason Amor Fati now compiles onto vinyl format their 2019 demo, Ordalium, and its otherwise-unreleased successor, Chambre Ardente.

Granted, Ordalium did not go unnoticed, albeit its obsidian treasures were largely overlooked. With a lyrical conceit focusing on the last-known executions for supposed witchcraft in Scotland, Poland, France, and Denmark, Trest‘s debut recording sonically approximated those contents with a grim and subtly grandiose style of black metal comparable to Clandestine Blaze, Nåstrond, Cultes des Ghoules, and the late/great Chemin de Haine. But, such as each of Ordalium‘s five component tracks are titled “Witch,” there’s indeed a pervasive sense of witchcraft – bewitching black metal, then? – across Trest‘s overall spectre. The unique inclusion of the follow-up Chambre Ardente recording makes this vinyl LP even more invaluable, expanding as it does their psychic/sonic headspace. Here, the lyrics squarely focus on Marie-Madeleine d’Aubray – better known as Marquise de Brinvilliers – who was executed for murdering her father and two brothers. This case also marked the onset of “l’affaire des poisons,” a murder scandal during Louis XIV’s reign that led to several convictions and numerous executions on charges of witchcraft and poisoning. Rising to the occasion, Trest here deliver two comparatively more-epic tracks that evince the same grimy ‘n’ grueling physicality but with a more pronounced sense of atmosphere. Those Chambre Ardente tracks truly point the way forward for the band, and also heighten expectations for Trest records to come. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Trest (Germany)’s Ordalium / Chambre Ardente

1. 1st Witch: Horne
2. 2nd Witch: Debaraz
3. 3rd Witch: Zdunk
4. 4th Witch: Palles
5. 5th Witch: Gesche
6. Chambre Ardente – Brinvilliers
7. Chambre Ardente – Cour des pois


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