HYPERDONTIA – Hideous Entity

Hyperdontia is hard hard to avoid if you are a cavernous death metal fan. The Danish/Turkish collaboration gave birth in the midst of death screams to their second bastard offspring last November. The band, named after an oral hygiene disorder, plays deep, dissonant and destructive death metal in the veins of Incantation, Immolation and Dead Congregation. The secret of Hideous Entity – like on their previous album and EP – lies in the crushing dynamics that instantly gives you cervical calcification after a few listens.

Although the album doesn’t break into any new territories, it’s a flawless example of this rotten style, making it one of the most stable death metal LPs of last year.


1. Snakes of Innards
2. Trapped in the Void
3. Beast Within
4. Coils of Wrath
5. Grinding Teeth
6. Lacerated and Burning
7. Wretched Mockery of Creation
8. Impervious Veil

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