MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT – new studio album “Ton Steine Sterben” will be released on 22.04. by Metalville Records

MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT present “Ton Steine Sterben“, their first studio album in collaboration with Metalville Records (release 22.04.).

The prophecy of a world heading for an inevitable collapse seems to come true. Much of what seems mundane to everyone no longer works. And although the neck still seems strong – after all, one has worn the crown of creation long enough – it is difficult to face the challenges with one’s head held high. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, the six musicians from Frankfurt put their finger on the wound with “Ton Steine Sterben” and give things a name. What is still real, what is fiction – the boundaries become blurred.
The songs try to find a lighthouse in the fog of half-truths, in a world that is changing faster and faster and at the same time stands still.

With their third album, the band consolidates its reputation as the German Lamb of God, and has enlisted prominent support in the form of Tue Madsen at the controls. Compared to the previous albums, the result is even harder and more refined and manages to capture the power of their live performance.

MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT directs one eye on the world and one inwards. The gaze is watchful, the voice strong, the message clear: The world is changing and we are here!


In Wahrheit
Ton Steine Sterben
Die gute Tat
Männer in Booten
Es bricht der Stolz
Zahltag ́21 (feat. Mr. Kew)


Patrick Schuch (vocals)
Anthony Fay (guitar)
Christian Schmidt (vocals)
Jonathan Mehlhart (drums)
Ralf Zimmermann (guitar)
Jürgen Hetz (bass)


Neue Deutsche Schelle (EP) 2013
Brutalin 2015
Selbstmitleitkultur 2018


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