Finnish dark metal band KUOLEMAN GALLERIA releases their third album on February 18th

Promo picture by Susanna Raitamaa

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria releases their third album “Armon Loppu” on February 18th 2022. Now they present the third and last single before the album release. “Jean Grenier” is a gruesome historical story.

Watch the lyric video:

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“Jean Grenier is a true story of 17th century poverty and endless hunger that pushed Jean Grenier to made his own solutions. He fell into insanity wearing his wolf skin cloak that gave him a dark freedom which was ripped away from him in the end. Within every human there is a beast that will step in when the situation forces to do so.” band backgrounds the single.

Album pre-order and limited pre-order merch bundles:

Kärsimys kunniaan (Inverse 2016)
Pimeys saapuu pohjoiseen (Inverse 2017)
Armon loppu (Inverse 2022)

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